Thursday, 26 February 2009


just doodling one day and came up with this, i'll probably clean it up and paint it at some point.


These are the evil Buff aliens, sworn enemy of Spifton and Spectro!! got my hands on some modelling clay (thanks bob) so gonna make this guy in this pose. I like the idea of him being disgusted by a cute lil bunny or a kitten.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So I created this guy waaaaay back around 94/95 when I was about 11 years old for a comic me and my pal made which we won 1st prize in a create-a-book competition. I was big into Calvin and Hobbes at the time so spaceman spiff was a big influence hence I named him spifton (took me ages to come up with that name!). The teenager posing next to him was my friends creation, he's called spectro and they fought the evil Buff aliens who I'm gonna post a picture of in awhile. Good fun going back and redesigning him after such a long time.

I was pretty shocked when the incredibles came out years later........... meh, coincidence.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Off The Wall

Helped 2 of my pals out a few months back with a film they were doing for their masters, I did the shot where the graffiti monster starts running and the shot immediately after where it falls over the boxes but not the awesome particle effects that follow unfortunatley just the character animation. Very intersting project to work on cuz certain animation had to happen at a specific time, a limitation I've never had to deal with but I enjoyed it. And cuz it was blended with live action which was awesome! Please check it out!


Off_The_Wall_vfx from Off The Wall on Vimeo.

tobias (work in progress)

another work in progress, the voice is tobias from arrested development... one of the best tv shows ever made! i used a generic rig i got from the internet, when it's finished he'll be in a bar falling off his stool....... drunken swine!

note to self, next time don't do the lip sync before the body, bad practice..... apparently!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Puppy falls down! (work in progress)

this is a short piece of animation i've been working on after work for an hour or two a night. done in flash, pretty happy with how it's going..... until I have to add in the ears and tail *bites fist*

Footprint Lake

Here's a link to my student film which I made in my final year at University of Dundee. It was hard work and I was running into problems almost everyday but a good experience nonetheless, enjoy!


Yo, haven't updated my blog in awhile, having some trouble getting stuff to work properly... seems to be a pretty temperamental website especially with videos! When I figure out how to do it I'll upload some more stuff. In the meantime here's some big feckin robots whoot!!!