Wednesday, 30 December 2009

You Buy Now!!

I saw an ad on TV the other day for Just For Men. It was basically the same as this without the blatant slogan at the end but gave off the same message. It made me laugh.

This is also the 1st piece of completely traditional work I've done in ages!............. except for the colour in the background which I didn't want to waste me markers on..... ah nuts.

Katie Kate!

This was for Kate's 1st birthday, she's my niece, happy birthday missus..... I'm done painting babies!!


Did this for a friend of the family, it's her grand daughter. Babies are hard to get right cuz there's less creases to break up the face.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Quick sketch done with gimp which l'm trying for the 1st time (download it, it's great!)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

More Illusionist

Yo, some more screenshots from 'The Illusionist' have surfaced on the net, as you can see it looks pretty damn nice!... still no idea when it's coming out though. Thanks to Kenny that I got a hold of them which he got from Catsuka.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, 17 July 2009


Hola! I've been a naughty blogger for the last couple months, I haven't uploaded anything in far too long. SO....... living back in Ireland now for awhile, it's pretty cool except for the lack of funds coupled with higher price tags for everything! Missing all the Ink crew back in Dundee, great bunch of people and never a dull moment... hope yis are all dandy!

Anyway, I painted this back in May for my girlfriend Carol who, as of yesterday, I'm with 3 years now or 1096 DAYS!..........meow

Hope you dig!

ps it was for her birthday

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mortal Kombat

Yeah so this painting turned out a lot different than the one I started with which you can see further down the blog. I liked the way the old 1 was going until I went to bed then looked at it again with fresh eyes and hated it so I started again and this was the result.
I wanted a cool light source from 1 side and a warm light source from the other. So when I decided to start again I realised that the reason it went wrong the 1st time was because I didn't do any research, I just launched straight in and started colouring based on my own ideas of what it would look like... *slap* bad Michael!
In the end I found what I was looking for in a Father Ted episode where Ted and Dougal get lost in the very dark caves and lo and behold there's a shot inside the cave where Ted is lit by 2 lights... a blue light from 1 side and a red light from the other. Examples can be found in the weirdest places!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Blue n yeller!

Work in progress but felt like posting something, been looking forward to painting this for awhile. Careful clicking on it, it's big... it's bedtime so I don't have much else to say!

Monday, 30 March 2009

pup animation


yo yo, been working on this for awhile now, i'll probably go back and add a more interesting background and shadows at some stage but for now i'm done.... looking forward to moving onto something new. enjoy and critique away!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Illusionist

So we're all working like mad to get The Illusionist finished at the moment. Not a lot of info about it available but some pictures showed up recently on the net so here they are!

This one's been on the net for awhile though

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Quick update, I typed the name of my student film, Footprint Lake, into google for the craic and I found this:

Pretty chuffed about it heehee!

oh yeah and thanks Wes for mentioning me on your blog!


Sunday, 1 March 2009

fan art

quickie post, fanart galore... hiyyyyaaah!

Thursday, 26 February 2009


just doodling one day and came up with this, i'll probably clean it up and paint it at some point.


These are the evil Buff aliens, sworn enemy of Spifton and Spectro!! got my hands on some modelling clay (thanks bob) so gonna make this guy in this pose. I like the idea of him being disgusted by a cute lil bunny or a kitten.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So I created this guy waaaaay back around 94/95 when I was about 11 years old for a comic me and my pal made which we won 1st prize in a create-a-book competition. I was big into Calvin and Hobbes at the time so spaceman spiff was a big influence hence I named him spifton (took me ages to come up with that name!). The teenager posing next to him was my friends creation, he's called spectro and they fought the evil Buff aliens who I'm gonna post a picture of in awhile. Good fun going back and redesigning him after such a long time.

I was pretty shocked when the incredibles came out years later........... meh, coincidence.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Off The Wall

Helped 2 of my pals out a few months back with a film they were doing for their masters, I did the shot where the graffiti monster starts running and the shot immediately after where it falls over the boxes but not the awesome particle effects that follow unfortunatley just the character animation. Very intersting project to work on cuz certain animation had to happen at a specific time, a limitation I've never had to deal with but I enjoyed it. And cuz it was blended with live action which was awesome! Please check it out!


Off_The_Wall_vfx from Off The Wall on Vimeo.

tobias (work in progress)

another work in progress, the voice is tobias from arrested development... one of the best tv shows ever made! i used a generic rig i got from the internet, when it's finished he'll be in a bar falling off his stool....... drunken swine!

note to self, next time don't do the lip sync before the body, bad practice..... apparently!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Puppy falls down! (work in progress)

this is a short piece of animation i've been working on after work for an hour or two a night. done in flash, pretty happy with how it's going..... until I have to add in the ears and tail *bites fist*

Footprint Lake

Here's a link to my student film which I made in my final year at University of Dundee. It was hard work and I was running into problems almost everyday but a good experience nonetheless, enjoy!


Yo, haven't updated my blog in awhile, having some trouble getting stuff to work properly... seems to be a pretty temperamental website especially with videos! When I figure out how to do it I'll upload some more stuff. In the meantime here's some big feckin robots whoot!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Pup study

I've an idea for short piece of animation with a puppy so I did a little research.



Does what it says on the tin.

Deviant art stuff

These are some pieces I posted on my dev art page that I wanted to bring over here cuz I don't hate them yet! They range from fairly recent to pretty old.

This took way too long to get to this stage and it was late so I never finished it.... dunno what he's supposed to be doing......... checking his watch maybe.

Just practising portraiture, I was trying to get the hang of making it actually look like the person I was drawing or painting so I thought Jack Nicholson would be a good one to do cuz he's got such a unique face.

I did this a good while ago..... with a mouse......... it was difficult.

Greyscale, lensflare, kachowwww!!

This is Death from my first student film 'The Last Stand'. I modelled, texture and rigged him but he's not my design I'm afraid, Steve McCarthy gets dibs on that one.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Me Da!

I'll start with this since it's the latest thing I've done. Did this at the weekend, my dad has been nagging me to do a portrait of him for months and since it was his birthday this weekend I finally did it. Done in photoshop and took about 8 hours including distractions (phone calls, playing with belly button fluff etc.) I'm pretty chuffed with it. That's it for today, I'm going to bed.


Ah well hello there, finally got around to starting a blog so.... dunno where to start! Probably just gonna bring some of my deviantart stuff that i still like over here so it'll be some old stuff getting posted and then.... I'll see........... *pop*