Saturday, 18 July 2009

More Illusionist

Yo, some more screenshots from 'The Illusionist' have surfaced on the net, as you can see it looks pretty damn nice!... still no idea when it's coming out though. Thanks to Kenny that I got a hold of them which he got from Catsuka.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Hey, I thought you were gonna post raiden, I saw the carol pic, very cool by the way. Hope your good buddy. You tube The Terminator Trailer Recut sppof. Funny stuff :)

  2. Howaya.. up for a pint on Friday? you started in boulder yet? we should get kie out too..dunno if you got the message i sent the other day but it basically said this. Aaron

  3. yo dude! hows it going? hows the new job going? Hope its goin good mate...

    haha I got told to take these images off my blog!!!

    Nice portrait of Carol BTW...

    hope your good!

    Ken :D