Friday, 11 March 2011

The Amazing World Of Gumball Sneek Peak

I've been dying to talk about this new show so it's great to see Cartoon Network put up a sneak peek, I worked on it for about a year and a half doing 3d animation, compositing and a tiny bit of flash. It's hilarious... enjoy!


  1. My GOd, congrats on this to you and your team bro. This looks like it must have been sooo much fun to work on. I've been wtaching cartoon network quite a bit lately, adventure time, angelo rules. Some good quality stuff and now this. I'll be watching as soon as it airs. Hope your good.

    PS thanks for the plug on the last post :)

  2. Cheers mate! No problem for the plug, happy to big it up.

    ......Adventure Time is amazing!

  3. Cool :) There's so many mediums in there! (The Dinosaur was stop motion right??)
    I don't have Cartoon Network, but will keep an eye out online for more bits!
    Hope all's well,

  4. Cheers, the dinosaur was actually 3d... just some nice texture work!

  5. I laughed out load at your models - so cool!

    And congrats on a job well done on Gumball... did I say that before? well, you can never be congratulated enough, can you :D