Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mega Man

For the art blog in Boulder.

Besides being a fantastic game, Mega Man 2 is the first Nintendo game I ever rented which makes it one of my fondest memories of being a kid. It's soundtrack is also still one of the best. Here's Mega Man facing off against Metal Man, long live 8-bit games!

I'd also like to show how misleading the box art was to the in-game graphics:

Ridiculous... but still awesome.


  1. XD oh that box art is incredible. (Is that the version of megaman they put into Street Fighter X Tekken?)
    'State of the art High Resolution Graphics' n.n... but then I guess it was back in the day eh!

    1. Heh yeah, HD back then meant you could tell what you were looking at!

      No you're thinking of the USA version of the first game:

      ... I know which one I prefer.